Get ready for Trapped’s latest take-out puzzle adventures!  

Taco Twosday, Retro Rad Pizza Adventure, the Spielbuger Box Set, and Confectionary Countdown are “escape-room-in-a-boxes” overflowing with flavor and fun! Have yours delivered today!
The world FBI (Flour Bureau of Investigation) and CIA (Corn Intelligence Agency) must join forces to stop the Guaca-mole! 
Designed for two teams to tackle together or remotely! 2-3 hours of Teamwork!
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Inside this puzzling pizza box, you’ll find six pizza slices, each whisking you away to a different animated world and providing 1-2 hours of enigmatic entertainment. 
Wowzers! That’s 6-12 total hours of puzzling!
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Rieven Reelburger has hidden five secret burgers amongst his cinematic works. You, as hopeful “Bunters” (Burger Hunters) must delve into the digital world of Reelburger’s movies to discover the burgers!

The Reelburger Box Set includes 5 films to explore and 3-6 hours of puzzling!
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Build excitement for your special event with Confectionary Countdown!

Jam-packed with 29 puzzles, you can play a puzzle a day for four weeks, or gorge on a buffet of sweet treats for a puzzling bonanza!

Pace your puzzling in 10-15 minute increments as you countdown to a special occasion or chow down on a smorgasbord of puzzles all in one sitting!

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