Operation: Shredded Cheese & Lettuce – Part 2



Now that you’ve identified The Guaca-Mole’s license plate and how we’ve been able to track The Guaca-Mole through his fast food orders, we can pinpoint the city in which they currently reside. Combine the information gathered from the two shredded operations.

Answer Submissions


You’ll use your past two solutions: BACON IN ORDER and EARL 5936. You won’t need any other materials from Operation Shredded Lettuce or Operation Shredded Cheese.

You could read those solutions as “BACON, in order” and “EARL :: 5936”. This may help you combine them.

“EARL 5936” tells you where to put the letters in the word EARL in the final solution. Fill in the blanks provided.

You’ll want to place the letters from “EARL 5936” first. Then, use the letters from BACON in order to complete the word.

The letters from EARL are placed in the spots 5, 9, 3, and 6. BACON is then filled into the remaining spots in order.