Operation: Onion and Tomato – Part 2


We believe you’ve intercepted two street names in Barcelona. We know The Guaca-Mole likes high-profile locations from his previous hideouts. Search around the city and see if you can discover where he’s currently located.

Answer Submission


The previous two puzzles solved to GRACIA and PROVENCA. The agency believes these are street names. Perhaps you can use those to pinpoint a location or landmark in Barcelona?

Find a map of Barcelona and see where the streets named GRACIA and PROVENCA cross. There is a large landmark on that corner. Note: This may work better on a computer than on mobile.

The actual street names are Passeig de Gràcia and Carrer de Provença.

Use Google Maps, and search for “Gracia and Provenca in Barcelona”. Find a large landmark on that street corner intersection.

Enter the name of the location without any accents.