Operation: Shredded Cheese & Lettuce



Included are communications we’ve intercepted between “Salsa Verde” and The Guaca-Mole. There will also be a small white envelope you can open at this time within your blue folder. Work together to narrow down The Guaca-Mole’s location. You should be able to:

  • Learn The Guaca-Mole’s fast food quirk.
  • Learn The Guaca-Mole’s license plate number.

Answer Submission

Section Contents

The CIA should have one green printed page and an envelope containing 16 yellow strips of paper.

The FBI should have two yellow printed pages and an envelope containing 12 green strips of paper.

Both the CIA and FBI should also have a business card with this website’s address on it and a picture of The Guaca-Mole.

The other envelopes are not used in this section – do not open them until instructed to do so.


The CIA has information that will help the FBI assemble their green strips of paper. You should start with the CIA agents’ two sets of 12 crossword-style clues.

Both sets of clues solve to the same 12 words. You’ll have to figure out which clues go together, using one clue from each list.

1. RULER (King, e.g. and Measuring device)

2. EVEN (Level and Divisible by two)

3. ACE (Type of serve and One, in cards)

4. DOUGH (Money, slangily and Kneadable mixture)

5. DELTA (Greek letter and Major airline)

6. INSERT (Keyboard key and Add in the middle of)

7. ACCENT (Decorating focus and Regional vocal sound)

8. GLASSES (Spectacles and Drinking vessels)

9. OUTLET (Type of mall and Power source, in homes)

10. NICKEL (Metallic element and Jefferson coin)

11. ALLOWED (Audibly (audibly) and Permitted)

12. LAPTOP (Coveted Santa location? and Portable computer)

You have 12 clues for 12 across answers. Can the FBI use your across answers?

The FBI’s paper strips are 12 letters tall. Each of the answers can be spelled from the letters in the paper strips, one per row.

Each word is spelled out on each row, but it may not be at the far left of the row. You’ll need to use the clues on other rows to figure out how to position all the strips properly.

The top row should have the letters B N M H O R U L E R A Y in order from left to right. Make sure the second line spells EVEN at the far right of the line (if not, swap the two strips that have an R at the top).

Check the 12 words you got from the clues. Read the first letter of each clue to get a secret message.

The first letter of each of the clues spells READ DIAGONAL. Read along the diagonal of the letter grid formed from the strips.


The CIA and the FBI have the same message, but the CIA copy is more redacted.

The FBI knows where some words are located within the block of text. They should communicate where those words are to the CIA.

The paragraph the FBI has is laid out the same way as the CIA shredded pieces. The words they have will appear in the same rows in approximately the same locations when the shredded pieces are reassembled. Note that both agents have different redacted words, but all words visible in the FBI paragraph can be seen in the CIA shredded pieces.

The top row should read RE ME MB ER TH EI RF AV OR IT EK IN DO FT EA IS.

The CIA should read the message in their strips. The redacted information can be found in the FBI information.

The paragraph lists the preferences of The Guaca-Mole. The CIA should read off their message to the FBI, who can look each piece of information up on the sheet with “Additional information about The Guaca-Mole.”

Remember their favorite kind of tea is [REDACTED]. Also, you may want to bring ear plugs, because their favorite song is [REDACTED]. And, they play it on repeat all day, which is funny considering their favorite band is [REDACTED]. But, their tastes can be a bit retro because their favorite TV show is [REDACTED]. And, finally, if you lose their location again, they might be at [REDACTED] because it is their favorite vacation destination. This is all important info.

You won’t need to know all of them. The solutions to the ones you need to know are in the next hint.

Favorite TV show: THREE’s Company.

Favorite song: Mambo Number FIVE.

Favorite band: NINE Inch Nails

Favorite vacation destination: SIX Flags.

Favorite kind of tea: EARL gray.

Put the word and numbers you found in the order they appear in the shredded paragraph. You’ll start with a word followed by four numbers. Don’t write out the numbers – they will form one four-digit number.

EARL 5936