Taco TWOsday

Welcome to Taco TWOsday! Here are a few useful things to know before you start puzzling:

  • We recommend having pencils and tape handy while you play.
  • Only open materials when you are told to do so.
  • When reading hints on the website, be sure to read them in the order provided.  We do not recommend skipping ahead on hints.
  • You will need to explore the Internet to help with some of the puzzles.
  • All answer submissions should only use letters and numbers (A-Z and 0-9). No punctuation or other characters are needed in answer submissions.
  • Feel free to take breaks between sections.  The entire experience will likely take two to three hours.

Answer Submissions

Section Contents

Both the CIA and FBI should have a single sheet of paper. On the bottom of the paper is a message from The Guaca-Mole.


Read your messages from The Guaca-Mole out loud to each other.

The messages you have received from The Guaca-Mole are slightly different. You’ll want to compare notes with the other tortilla agency.

You should find 5 differences between the two messages . What is your initial idea on what to do?

Find the 5 differences between the two messages and take the first letter of each word that is different, in order. You will get two 5-letter words, which can be put together to identify the contact.